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Hey wonderful people of the internet,

My name is Kevin Brand, aka SadSmile, and i'm a 17 Year old guy from Germany.
This is my Entry for my 3rd "Ludum Dare" and i really hope that you enjoy my game. It was developed in under 48h hours so dont expect something groundbreaking.

The game is called "Warlock's Lair" because you are a Warlock (same thing as a wizard) and you are attacked by a group of knights. Your job is it to defend yourself. To do that you have the ability to throw powerful Fireballs at your enemies.

RMB / ALT - Attack Right
LMB / CTRL- Attack Left

Enjoy :D


Install instructions

You will find the .EXE in the Folder: LD34 - Warlock's Lair ->

Warlock's Lair - Game


LD34 - Warlock's Lair.7z 18 MB

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